Please note that all of the files below are VERY old versions. We do not know when we will have time to update them.

The Hardware Book is available in some other formats as well. Since these are converted from HTML the result may sometimes look a little bit strange. If there is some major visual errors or if a link does not work, feel free to send an e-mail. These versions is currently to be considered as beta. And btw, if you like to see HwB in some other format, let us know.

HTTP Filesize Date Description
HWB13W95.ZIP 648674 1997-11-23 WinHelp-version for Windows 95 & Windows NT v4.0. (256 colors)
HWB13WIN.ZIP 608463 1997-11-23 WinHelp-version for Windows v3.x. & Windows NT v3.5x (Will work on Windows 95 & Windows NT v4.0, but not as fancy as the native version).
HWB13PDF.ZIP 766844 1997-11-23 PDF-version. Use Adobe Acrobat to view this file. Really nice if you would like to print a copy of HwB.
Note: It looks like there is some problems with the Windows 95 WinHelp version on 256-colors resolutions. This is very strange! Please use the Windows v3.x version if this happens to you. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible.