Here are some links to good sites of technical information on the Internet.

When we get out hands on more we will put 'em on here.


Name Author Comment
Norm's Industrial Electronics Norman Dyrvik Misc electronic links.
Circuit Cookbook Dan Charrois Various circuits.
PC Hardware Link Page Dick Perron Varoius Links and some own PC Hardware info.
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive Jerry Russell Various circuits. 80x86 Christian Ludloff Everything about 80x86 processors & motherboards.
The Computer Information Centre Many Contains very much about electronics/computers.
We-Man's Electro Stuff Stefan Wieman Misc electronic stuff.
Tomi Engdahl's pages Tomi Engdahl You will find almost everything here.
PC Mechanic David Risley Good info for beginners about how to build PC's.
Electronic Engineers' Toolbox EG3 Many nice links.
Armory Electronics Archive Richard Steven Walz FTP archive with lots of electronics related files.
ChipDir Jaap van Ganswijk Pinouts to Integrated Circuits etc.
GamesX Lawrence Wright Pinouts to videogames.
IEEE Standard 1394: Firewire - FireWire Information.
1394 Trade Association - FireWire.
Jacob, - Opensource Documentation.


Name Author Comment
Integrated Publishing Integrated Publishing -
Electrical Engineering Training Series. Integrated Publishing -

If you have any more good links of interest, please send us an e-mail at The HwB-Team.