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01/04-02 Two mirrors added to mirror list (Poland and Slovakia).
28/03-02 Frank joined us as at the HwB Team.
20/01-02 Added a mirror in Sweden.
18/11-01 Added a mirror in Austria.
07/10-01 Links for FireWire information was added.
30/9-01 Some information on USB and some links were added.
27/9-01 Pages was cleaned for outdated links and mirrors.
27/1-01 Added a new mirror in Ottawa, Canada.
3/4-00 Added a new mirror in Portugal and edited some mirrors and outdated links.
23/3-00 Edited a new mirror in Portugal and added info on the EVC
6/3-00 Added a new mirror in Vigo, Spain
28/2-00 Added a new mirror in Amsterdam, Netherlands
27/1-00 Added a new mirror in Moscow, Russia
21/12-99 Added a new mirror in San Diego, USA
25/11-99 Added a page with pinouts for the ATX Form Factor Card.
5/9-99 Edited the info about Seagate ST506/412 disks.
1/9-99 Added a page with Cisco Catalyst 5000 series console port.
12/7-99 A new mirror has been added i France.
26/6-99 A few minor corrections was made. Also added info on the general purpose interface bus.
26/4-99 A page about a SCSI-connector for Mac Powerbook 5300c was added.
21/3-99 Added a new mirror in Canada.
4/3-99 Chanced the way mirrors where linked due to numerous requests. Furthermore the mirror list has been sorted.
3/3-99 3 new mirrors added one in Russia, Portugal and in USA.
30/1-99 2 new mirrors added one in Poland and one in Italy.
10/1-99 A new mirror in Russia has been added to the list of mirrors. 10 ZX-Spectrum +3 connectors has been added.
11/12-98 A new mirror in Czech Republic has been added to the list of mirrors.
1/11-98 A complete reconstruction of Hardware Book after the HwB-Team has continued to develop the project.

The Hardware Book is a project started by Joakim Ögren. He collected a compilation of pinouts he's found from different sources. He shared that information with others through the Hardware Book project, but unfortunately he dissapered from the net so we've continued his work and kept the project going.

We would like to get in touch with Joakim Ögren, so if wou know him, please make him contacts us, or tell us how we can get in touch with him.